Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb 28th 2011-Family

As a husband and a father who works hard for a living I am amazed at all my wife does.
I saw her this weekend spend countless hours on the Internet to build her business as she
does reviews and giveaways and no matter how many times our son would stop her she would
answer him and return to work right away.
I am leaning muti-tasking from her and her friends big time.
I never thought I would own a Blog or do Reviews and Giveaways but I am as my wife has convinced
me I can do it and people will listen to what I have to say.
So without further ado she had me sit down and right out a schedule for my blog.
I am sure once your browse it you will see many mistakes or wonder why I am doing this so Please
leave me lots of comments so I can show my wife I can do it and that I am trying.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Writing A Book Review

Writing A Book Review

Author: Charles Miller

Writing a book review is one of the most challenging tasks that students are expected to carry out in the course of their academic pursuits? However, there is no need to sweat anymore as below are various ideas which will help the student carry out effective and easy book review writing tasks which are essentials to every student. Book review writing is a highly efficient task which incorporates a wide variety of skills such that students who have amassed diverse skills are more likely to garner better grades and have an easy time with the book review task than those who lack the skills. Similarly, book review is not restricted to certain disciplines as a wide variety of subjects have book review assignments where the student evaluates a book after thoroughly reading it cover to cover.