Monday, April 11, 2011

Blogmania 2011

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Join me with other bloggers in the most fantastic blogger event
lots of great prizes will be given here to be taken to the event.
blog mania  

OH, it begins the 9th (Saturday) at 12am (or Friday midnight), ends Monday at midnight or 11:59 EST.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011


join me tomorrow as i join many other bloggers in the most fabtastic blogger event
so check tomorrow for details lots of great prizes will be given away...
blogmania button
Small 125 x125:

OH, it begins the 9th (Saturday) at 12am (or Friday midnight), ends Monday at midnight or 11:59 EST.


direct link for the website:

Direct link to the website:

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One winner.

Canadian and World Wide as well as U.S. entries

Open to Canadian and and U.S. entries - as long as they have email addresses.

Ship directly to the winner(s) of our giveaway?

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


More on MAX...



Meet Max~
I am having such a great time on this tour!   So far two stops and more to come!    
  Facebook especially Twitter.  You the Hash #MAX and @Maxs_Books.    So, this is exciting!
 I have facebook and hopefully you all liked my page,   I have a blog and hope you joined it,  I hope you all are following me on twitter too.   I recently posted a new video of max as a puppy on youtube, I have photos of max as a puppy.   I will have a brand new cartoon of Max on YouTube very soon.  . 
 If your wondering about Max's breed  I am an ENGLISH LABRADOR.     I love golden retrievers and have a few freinds, but I like being me!  
Also to those that have vote for the Telly Award Thank YOU!   Now, I did get to talk to the Telly Award Competition and was told our category is very close in voting.  About a 10 vote difference.   They have a great video and story as well.    We are competing against a school and we really need a full force effort here.  Please post and ask nice your friend to vote for us.   Lets Gets the Leader Dogs in First Place!  ;)
I am ready to raise the ROOF on this event.   This is going to be a very pawrific book blog tour for all of us especially my friends at Leader Dogs for the Blind.  
I have officially posted on my website the blog sites that we have choosen to participate on our book tour.   You can visit to see the full list and dates for each visit.   As you see we have over 30 sites we plan on visiting. It going to take a lot of patience and organization to get this accomplished by I know we all can do a great job.  The more help you can provide the better it will be.
The more Buzz on Tweeter/Facebook/and other social media sites we can create the more successful this tour will be. 
An Official Press Release will go out by this Sunday evening with the dates of our blog tour stops.  You can find all copies of all our Press Releases at and I encourage you to visit the site.
Thank YOU again for helping me and Leader Dogs for the Blind.  I have a great feeling this will be a successful Tour.
 Hugs and Licks:

Here are additional links max wants to share with you all:

BlogHop~Word of the day!

 Tour Stop # 8 on Wednesday!  
Maxs word of the day is #8 "and"
Thanks again!
Anthony and Max!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


~Author News~

April, 2011
Sons and Princes
Released Today
Buy On Amazon Here
($3.99 For Kindle, Trade Paperback $12.16)
Newsletter #1
A World I Never Made
 Free eBook Download, Kindle, Nook, All Platforms April 5-19 
Click here to go to visit Mr.Lepore's website:
James LePore Fiction
April, 2011 Newsletter #1

Saturday, April 2, 2011

BookReview~ James Lepore.

Daddies Point of View

A World I never made~ James Lepore.
OK everyone my wife did it to me again she has got me to sit down and
listen why she reads a book to us as I have trouble reading.
This time it was James LePore A World I Never Made
This is a excellent book and it would make a nice movie.
I Love that it is full of action and mayhem.
A father and daughter who seem to be estranged come together.
Plus it has drugs and fighting and a love story as well.
What more could you ask for?
I am telling you you need to read this book but I can also tell you
once you start you will not want to put it down.


To read full details of this book tour please visit our VA blog at and enter the BookNook! Thanks!