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Guest post by author Jess C. Scott

The following is a guest post by author Jess C. Scott. Her latest book, The Other Side of Life, tells the story of a thieving duo who’s world turns upside down when an Elven rogue uncovers the heinous dealings of a megacorporation. The genre of this book is a mixed of urban fantasy, cyberpunk and YA with adult crossover appeal. It is recommended for adults or young adults seeking cyberpunk themes (not hardcore sci-fi), and a love story (not fluffy romance).

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The Real Dystopia

Mark Twain defined a literary classic as “a book which people praise and don’t read.”

I’ve enjoyed reading classics since I was sixteen years old (a Poe anthology had me completely mesmerized!). I read George Orwell’s 1984 during my early 20s, and it’s by far one of the best books I’ve ever read.

1984 can be considered a classic cyberpunk and dystopian novel.

Cyberpunk can be defined as a genre that “is about expressing (often dark) ideas about human nature, technology and their respective combination in the near future.” (Cyberpunk Review)

Dystopia can be defined as: “An imaginary place or state in which the condition of life is extremely bad, as from deprivation, oppression, or terror.” (The Free Dictionary)

I was talking to a friend from the U.K. recently, who had this to say about commercialism:

“Wow! I never knew about Battle Royale. To be honest, I hated The Hunger Games without knowing anything about it. Partly it was because I kept seeing it in the Kindle best seller charts. I assumed it was just some badly written self-published garbage that had been hyped on Twitter. But I see now it has been hyped everywhere and has big money behind it.

These big companies are businesses first and foremost. Stories are product. The ones they pick up are largely irrelevant. The marketing campaign is the main thing. Well, in fact the return on capital is the main thing. The marketing campaign is the way to achieve that. The product is just one small piece in the corporate plan.

I have always been put off by commercialism in any media. In fact I’m prejudiced against commercially successful things. Too much trash is touted as worth our while. Journalists desperate for readers jump on any bandwagon they can. Things are famous because they are famous and not because of any intrinsic merit. This is truer now than it’s ever been.”

I think it’s scary how “dystopia” itself has become a marketing label. I think it’s scary when people trash classic books as being “for pretentious people” only, while they praise modern-day bestsellers as being superior to classic books because “these books were more popular” than classic texts that (1) had some amount of depth to them, and (2) have stood the test of time. I think it’s scary how quality doesn’t seem to matter anymore, because some people see the ‘elite’ as being ‘elitist’.

Crass commercialism and corporate greed often go hand in hand. This is the real dystopia, where hype replaces meaning, where mediocrity is celebrated over something original and substantial, all in the name of profits. After all, how good can something really be if it can be replaced by another manufactured franchise in the next 5-10 years?

Keep that in mind when the next hyped franchise comes around :)!


Jess is a professional non-conformist with a fresh, youthful world view. She is an author of relationship-based erotic fiction (and other unique projects, including a series that features “cyberpunk elves”). She’s cool, supportive, and writes with both intellect and a lot of emotion.

She has most recently co-authored Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships with Matt Posner (Spring 2012). For more info, please visit

Jess can also be found on jessINKFacebook, and Twitter.

Review Divine Appointments

Divine Appointments
Charlene Ann Baumbich
320 Pages
Author of the Dearest Dorothy Baumbich series

This is a heartwarming story that reminds us of what really matters.

As a lady who is fast approaching the BIG 50 I can relate to this book in so many ways and I did.

There was many times when I was reading this book that I thought I would quit as it would get to be boring or I could not relate but every time I started to put it down I would run into a part that I just had to finish as it kept me on my toes.

This book well make you laugh, sigh and cry.

It is got a lot of things going on in it that you would not expect.

So I would like to recommend this book to anyone who is stuck in a rut and can not figure out how to get out.

I also like that it is not a true Love story but that it does have this element.

I look forward to reading many more of her books.

January 31st

Jennifer Pereyra Book Review

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Book Reviews

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~Meet Jennifer Pereyra ~
In terms of a summary of the book and the story behind it, well it all started when my oldest daughter, Rebeca, began questioning why my husband and I dropped her and her baby sister off at pre-school every day. As I began to think of how I would respond to her, I was reminded of my own trials and tribulations as a five-year-old starting kindergarten.

The year was 1983 and I wore my brand new red dress and Buster Brown shoes. The first day of school wasn't altogether that bad. However, the tearful days that followed culminated with my mother finding me on the front porch of our house crying my eyes out. I had actually walked home from school, alone. She had dropped me off one morning at the front door but I never made it all the way to my classroom. I turned around and made my way back home, sure that I was never going to go back. So here I am today, a college graduate, a wife, a successful working mother of two young daughters of my own, and a published author. Obviously, I did end up returning to kindergarten. It was all because of my teacher sharing with me the story of "The Little Engine That Could" by Watty Piper, and the words, “I think I can, I think I can”. That book became my security blanket of sorts and ultimately helped to turn fear into strength and inspired a life-long love of learning.

Fast forward a few years (okay, many years), remembering how helpful that book was to me at that age, I began my search for a story that would help me to answer my daughter’s questions in a simple, yet entertaining way. Shockingly, I found the children’s picture book market to be devoid of stories about families with two working parents. As such, one sunny Saturday afternoon I sat down at the kitchen table with a carpenter’s pencil and a piece of computer printer paper and began to write. Shortly thereafter I had to travel out of town for a national meeting and shared with some of my colleagues the result of my efforts. Quite unexpectedly, I was met with incredible words of encouragement, many commenting, “you have to get this published…there’s nothing out there like this.” I shared the story with the director at my daughters’ school who responded, “I have goose bumps. That’s the kind of book I need. That’s exactly what our parents go through every day.” It is my dream that this book, and those I have in mind to follow, will be as influential in the lives of young children and their caregivers as, "The Little Engine That Could", was in mine.

Description of the book:
Rebeca doesn't want her parents to leave every day. But then Mommy explains why she and Daddy must go, to make a living and provide for their girls. Young children will love the fanciful rhymes and find reassurance when they understand why "Mommy and Daddy work to Make Some Dough". Jennifer Pereyra's charming tale is an excellent story for the children of working parents.

About the author:
Jennifer Pereyra has sought balance between her career and home life. While earning her B.A. from Lake Forest College, Jennifer studied in Madrid, where she met her husband, Ignacio. They are now raising their daughters in Columbus, NJ.

"When I heard this story, I got goose bumps. Jennifer has perfectly captured what our families experience every day. The rhyming and authenticity will entertain both child and parent alike." --Denise Johnson, center director, The Goddard School, Bordentown, NJ

The official release date of the book is April 5th at which point it will be available to be ordered wherever books are sold. For pre-release autographed copies, I can be contacted directly at or at

The book is also an eLIVE book, meaning each printed copy contains a special code redeemable for the free download of the audio version of the book.
The cost is $9.99+tax and applicable S&H. For any of your readers who place an order directly through me, they should mention the discount code MPOV1 and I will extend a 10% discount

~Glenda's Point of view~

Mommy & Daddy Work To make Some DoughJennifer Lynn Pereyra

I was a single mom for many years and I remember getting my daughter
ready for daycare and how much she would beg me to stay home with her.
I wish I had this book then to share with her as it would have made it so much
easier to explain.
Plus it might have kept us both from being so frustrated.
Many days I would walk in my office crying as I had to leave her.
This time around I get to stay home with my son who is 3 but if I ever have
to go to work I can tell you I will purchase this book to share with him.
Plus I will get a copy for his teacher to read to him as well.
As I think it would help us both.

So Please go get yourself a copy and let me know what you think of it.
I was blessed to be able to give one of my readers a copy to win you need to
follow me on all three blogs Please
Once you do leave me a comment stating you are following me and why
you would like to win this book.

Bethenny Frankel's Secrets to Staying Fit

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