Monday, March 7, 2011

Dylan's Tale-Review

Dylan's Tale

I wanted to share with all of my readers two awesome reviews my wife has up on her blog for two books called Tilly's Tale and Dylan's Tale

These are about rescue dogs Dylan's Tale
Only by rescue dogs I mean ones that had been beaten and abused.
I was able to sit down with my family and read them both.
I can tell you men do not cry but if you read these book you just might.
My son is only 3 and even though the books are for a more mature
audience I wanted to share with him why we are so kind to animals.
He could not believe someone would hit a dog.
So know when he sees animals he is even more kind to them which I like.

Since reading these books my family and I now volunteer at our local shelters
and we help them raise funds.
This is a nice way to be able to spend time with your children while teaching them.
I do not want to go into details on the books as I prefer you read my wife's reviews
but I can tell you there are 15 dogs and I look forward to reading about all of there stories.
My son is so excited to know one of the dogs is called Snoopy and another Charles as he
seems to think they where named after him.
I would like to ask everyone to go and purchase these books and donate them to your shelter
or so people who adopt would be able to read them and know how not to treat there dogs.
Now Please go by Mommies Point of View and read her reviews.
Plus we may have the Author answer questions for us in the future.
Thanks, David and Charlie

For more information on the Dog Tales series please visit or visit Tilly's blog at

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  1. Hello, it's Tilly the rescue dog here. Thank you for the wonderful things you have written about me, Dylan and all the rescue dogs who live here with me and Harry Porter. If your children and you would like to follow our lives with Harry, then please come and visit us anytime at my own 'dog blog' at You'll be welcome, anytime, just to see the pictures there, or to read about the latest happenings in our home. By the way, since yesterday, we have 16 dogs here, as we've just been joined by little Misty.

    Lots of love