Monday, March 7, 2011

Tilly's Tale-Review

Tilly's Tale
I would like to start the review out by saying this is a series of books

and I was able to read and review the first two. The second is
Dylan's Tale. I Loved both books as I am a Dog Lover.
These books tells the story's of dogs that the owners rescued from
Shelters as they had been abused. So they are called rescue dogs.
I hope these book will help you open your eyes to how many animals
are abused on a daily basis.

I know we can not adopt them all but what we can do is visit our local
shelters and offer to walk the dogs or take them things they need as
lots of shelters barley have the money to keep there doors opened.
Start a fundraiser in your neighborhood and lets save some animals.
Save your change and drop it off it might help them with food.
Now I would like to share Tilly's Tale with you
This is the first of a series of book on the dogs this family rescues.
As of now they have 15 dogs.
Hopefully one day we will hear all of there stories.
Tilly was 18 months old when she was adopted.
She is now 4 years old.
Tilly was living with a gentleman named Sam only he passed away.
So his son took him as he told his dad he would.
Only his wife hates animals and refused to let him inside and so she would
Plus she would kick me when ever she saw me.
stay outside and freeze and she ended up sick.
Once in awhile the son would bring her a treat.
One day he loads Tilly in the car and takes her to a Shelter.
I am not really sure where I am but the other dogs explain to
me where I am and why.
They take me to the vet and fix me so I can never have puppies.
They groom me and feed me which reminds me of Sam.
I start to see other dogs leave and I wonder why.
3 weeks pass and a women says she wants me only she never comes back.
I am heart broken.
Finally a women and 2 kids come and they seem to like me.
Finally they come back with there other dogs to make sure we get along.
We do.

So they adopt me I have a family finally.
Only one of the sausage dogs Candy passes away.
2 months later I met Dylan.
Then Sophie dies too.

But I am not sad as I have Dylan as a friend now.
They take me to dog training which is called  "Canine Behaviourist".
I am the fastest and I learn agility.
I spend my days sitting with dad while he types.

My mum helps me stay groomed as a girl has to look good.
Did you know I have won ribbons but to find out what kind you
must read my book.

There is much more to this story but I am going to stop here as
you need to read it and you need to pass it on to other  dog lovers.
Pick up a few copies and drop them off at your local shelter I am
going to.

I enjoyed sharing this book with my son and my husband and I look
forward to learning about the other dogs as well.
This book deserves 5 stars

Thanks, Glenda
and if you would like a mans point of view
Please check out my husbands review at
We may have a interview with the author so be watching for it as well.

  • Publisher: 4RV Publishing LLC

  • ISBN-10: 0981868592

  • ISBN-13: 978-0981868592

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    1. Hello, it's Tilly the rescue dog here. Thank you for the wonderful things you have written about me, Dylan and all the rescue dogs who live here with me and Harry Porter. If your children and you would like to follow our lives with Harry, then please come and visit us anytime at my own 'dog blog' at You'll be welcome, anytime, just to see the pictures there, or to read about the latest happenings in our home. By the way, since yesterday, we have 16 dogs here, as we've just been joined by little Misty.

      Lots of love