Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review-Paper Toy Monsters

Paper Toy Monsters
PaperToy Monster is a book my wife was allowed to review on her blog and
I decided I would look at it as my son Loves Monsters.
So one night I sat down with him and we looked through it.
I can tell you he loved the Monsters and we spent a lot of time that eve.
making them and playing with them.
I am glad my wife was able to review this book as it has give me something
new to share with my son.
I also got it out while my BIL was here for dinner and he did not want to put it
down he was so amazed that he could actually make the monsters that he
know is wanting a copy of the book so he has it when my son visits.
I have not found one person who does not like it as my next door neighbor wants to
buy it from us only my wife will not sell it
Even her and my sister in law have gotten into making monsters with us so I can say
this book is for kids of all ages.
I hope you will check into it and once you do Please let me know what you think of it.
Thanks, as I am off to watch Wrestling with my son and make some more monsters.
Thanks for reading my Review
Wiggles and Daddy

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